Butters and Margarine

Butter is a dairy product made where milk fat is separated from other milk components, and the fat is then churned to produce butter.

Butter has long been blamed as the major cause for heart issues, however, traditional butter is seeing an increase in popularity in the wake of the popular “ketogenic” or “high fat low carbohydrate diet”.

People with a lactose allergy should be able to consume better without any problems, however, those with a general milk allergy caused by the whey protein found in milk may be unable to ingest butter without a reaction.

This, together with people avoiding dairy as part of a vegan diet, may lead people to utilize margarine in place of butter.

Margarine has been considered the healthier alternative to butter for some time and is made from processing vegetable oils, however, margarine should still be consumed in small doses due to the high amount of trans fat that is produced as a result of the solidification process.

Various vegan butter recipes can be found online, and other alternatives to butter for the purposes of cooking also include coconut oil and olive oil.