What to Eat After a Breast Enhancement Surgery

Breast enhancement surgery is no different from other surgical procedures. Although the objectives are different, all invasive surgical procedures expose the body to trauma. As such, taking good care of your body before and after the procedure is imperative.

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Diet and Recovery

Following a breast enhancement procedure, it is essential to eat the right foods as it helps your body recover. A good diet should have a decent proportion of proteins, vegetables, and fruits. Proteins, which are excellent sources of amino acids, are highly recommended as they are the body’s main building blocks.

Consuming a high-protein diet promotes not only general recovery, it also boosts your immune system. Some decent protein sources include eggs, seafood, beef, turkey, and tofu. Nutritionists recommend at least 1.2 grams of protein per kilogram of their body weight for optimal results.

Final Thoughts

Our bodies respond to whatever we consume. Eating right after a breast augmentation procedure is key for recovery. Besides proteins, you should consume fruits and vegetables and drinks lots of water for fast recovery.