Healthy Food

The passion for eating healthy foods has never been as popular as in today’s society. Each day we read stories about the next superfoods and the benefits that they can have on our health. So, how do we go about eating a healthy diet and making sure our bodies and mental health are protected? One thing that people struggle with is weight, and the symptoms of osteoarthritis can be worsened if your body is overweight.

The simple medical explanation is that if you consume more calories than you need/use, then you will only gain weight. Excess weight is a significant problem in the United Kingdom, which has the second-highest rate of obesity in the world and the largest in Europe. Around 25% of adults are classed as obese, and a further 62% are overweight. So here are some tips for healthy eating:

  • Eat food such as wholewheat pasta, brown rice or potatoes with their skins on. These are low in fat and will help your diet.
  • Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables each day.
  • Eat at least two pieces of fish per week which are high in omega-3 fats.
  • Eat no more than 30g (or 20g for a woman) of saturated fat. This will also help to keep your weight down.
  • Avoid drinks and food with high sugar content which can lead to tooth decay and obesity
  • Try to consume less than 6g of salt each day to avoid high blood pressure and strokes.

Enjoy in moderation.